OpenMBTA is a set of tools, many of them open-source, for delivering public transit schedules and real-time data to commuters in the Boston metro area. OpenMBTA is being actively developed for Bostonians by Bostonians, with a lot of help and encouragement from our first-rate public servants at the MBTA.

OpenMBTA for Android

You can get OpenMBTA for Android for free by clicking here.

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OpenMBTA for the iPad

You can get OpenMBTA for the Apple iPad from the iTunes App Store for free by clicking here.


OpenMBTA for the iPhone

You can get the OpenMBTA iPhone app from the iTunes App Store for free by clicking here. The current version is 1.3. The new version introduces a new scrolling schedule view and multitasking support.

OpenMBTA will show you today's scheduled and real-time arrival times for MBTA buses, subway trains, commuter rail lines, and ferries. (Real-time information is available for certain buses and subway lines.) It also shows you the latest service delay announcements from the MBTA.

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This application is under continual development. If you find any bugs or have a good feature or user interface suggestion, please let us know on the Support & Feedback Page.

How to use the mobile app

OpenMBTA for Mobile Browsers

A beta version of OpenMBTA for mobile web browsers is now available. Visit this URL on your mobile browser to use it:

To save typing, you can also visit:

OpenMBTA is an open source project

Most of the code for OpenMBTA is open source. Developers based in other metro areas who would like to adapt the source code for OpenMBTA to produce free iPhone apps for their own public transit systems are especially welcome to use the code base.

Source code: