Q: Why is the iOS app rated 17+?

A: Because the Apple App Store approval process is very time-consuming and unpredictable, we were worried that Apple would reject us for showing the Twitter stream for #mbta. These tweets sometimes contain language that is inappropriate for young children.

Q: How can I support OpenMBTA?

A: The more people who use OpenMBTA, the more time we'll spend developing it. So please tweet about it, demo the app for others, and give the app a not unkind review in the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace.


The idea for this mobile app was born during Open Government Hack Day at Betahouse in Central Square, Cambridge, MA on September 27, 2009.

Chris Dempsey and Joshua Robin of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation were tremendous sources of encouragement and answered lots of questions. They pushed the MBTA to open up its data and make apps like this possible.

Michael Smith of NextBus helped OpenMBTA access real-time bus data.

Eric Richmond helped create the mobile web interface for OpenMBTA.

Braulio Carreno also provided this project with useful insights into the GTFS dataset.

Hoony Youn created the Android client for OpenMBTA.

Daniel Choi created that iOS clients and the Ruby/PostgreSQL back end.

OpenMBTA is maintained by Kaja Software, a software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.