Subway routes
Note: If a route isn't in service today, it won't show up at all on this list. Look for it on the list tomorrow (or Monday) morning, and chances are that you'll see it. If not, please report the bug.
Blue Line
Eastbound: Wonderland
114 trips left
Westbound: Bowdoin
113 trips left
Green Line B
Inbound: Park Street
101 trips left
Outbound: Boston College
107 trips left
Green Line C
Inbound: North Station
90 trips left
Outbound: Cleveland Circle
95 trips left
Green Line D
Inbound: Government Center
97 trips left
Outbound: Reservoir
109 trips left
Green Line E
Inbound: Lechmere
103 trips left
Outbound: Heath Street
98 trips left
Mattapan Trolley
Inbound: Ashmont
98 trips left
Outbound: Mattapan
100 trips left
Orange Line
Northbound: Oak Grove
94 trips left
Southbound: Forest Hills
93 trips left
Red Line
Northbound: Alewife
133 trips left
Southbound: Ashmont
136 trips left