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Inbound: Ruggles

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4:55a 5:15a 5:30a 5:45a 6:00a 6:08a
Talbot Ave @ Dorchester Ave
4:55a 5:15a 5:30a 5:45a 6:00a 6:08a
Talbot Ave @ Welles Ave
4:56a 5:16a 5:31a 5:46a 6:01a 6:09a
Talbot Ave @ Centre St
4:57a 5:17a 5:32a 5:47a 6:02a 6:10a
Talbot Ave @ Southern Ave
4:57a 5:17a 5:32a 5:47a 6:03a 6:11a
Talbot Ave @ Spencer St
4:58a 5:18a 5:33a 5:48a 6:03a 6:11a
Talbot Ave @ Talbot Station
4:58a 5:18a 5:33a 5:48a 6:04a 6:12a
Talbot Ave @ Bernard St
4:58a 5:18a 5:33a 5:48a 6:04a 6:12a
Talbot Ave @ Kerwin St
4:59a 5:19a 5:34a 5:49a 6:05a 6:13a
Talbot Ave @ Nightingale St
4:59a 5:19a 5:34a 5:49a 6:06a 6:14a
Blue Hill Ave @ Talbot Ave
5:00a 5:20a 5:35a 5:50a 6:07a 6:15a
Blue Hill Ave @ Wales St
5:01a 5:21a 5:36a 5:51a 6:09a 6:17a
Blue Hill Ave @ Charlotte St
5:02a 5:22a 5:37a 5:52a 6:11a 6:19a
Blue Hill Ave @ Ellington St - Franklin Park Zoo
5:03a 5:23a 5:38a 5:53a 6:12a 6:20a
Seaver St @ Blue Hill Ave
5:04a 5:24a 5:39a 5:54a 6:13a 6:21a
Seaver St @ Maple St
5:05a 5:25a 5:40a 5:55a 6:14a 6:22a
Seaver St @ Elm Hill Ave
5:05a 5:25a 5:40a 5:55a 6:15a 6:23a
Seaver St @ Humboldt Ave
5:06a 5:26a 5:41a 5:56a 6:16a 6:24a
Seaver St @ Harold St
5:07a 5:27a 5:42a 5:57a 6:17a 6:25a
Columbus Ave @ Walnut Ave
5:07a 5:27a 5:42a 5:57a 6:18a 6:26a
1990 Columbus Ave
5:08a 5:28a 5:43a 5:58a 6:19a 6:27a
Columbus Ave @ Bray St
5:09a 5:29a 5:44a 6:00a 6:21a 6:29a
Columbus Ave @ Dimock St
5:10a 5:30a 5:45a 6:01a 6:22a 6:30a
Columbus Ave @ Ritchie St
5:12a 5:32a 5:47a 6:03a 6:24a 6:32a
Jackson Square
5:14a 5:34a 5:49a 6:06a 6:27a 6:35a
Columbus Ave @ Centre St
5:14a 5:34a 5:49a 6:07a 6:28a 6:36a
Columbus Ave @ Cedar St
5:15a 5:35a 5:50a 6:08a 6:29a 6:37a
Columbus Ave @ Malcolm X Blvd
5:15a 5:35a 5:50a 6:09a 6:30a 6:38a
Tremont St opp Prentiss St
5:16a 5:36a 5:51a 6:10a 6:31a 6:39a
5:20a 5:40a 5:55a 6:14a 6:35a 6:43a
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