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Inbound: Downtown Express via Airport and Paradise Rd

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7 Franklin St @ Fire House
6:28a 7:28a
Franklin St opp Fire House
6:29a 7:29a
Washington St @ Pearl St
6:29a 7:29a
Mugford St @ Washington St
6:30a 7:30a
27 Mugford St
6:30a 7:30a
Elm St @ Mugford St
6:30a 7:30a
Elm St @ Harris St
6:30a 7:30a
Elm St @ Creesy St
6:31a 7:31a
Pleasant St @ Spring St
6:31a 7:32a
Pleasant St @ Anderson St
6:32a 7:32a
Pleasant St @ Bessom St
6:32a 7:32a
Pleasant St opp Gerry St
6:33a 7:33a
Pleasant St @ Maverick St
6:33a 7:34a
Pleasant St @ Devereux Terr
6:33a 7:34a
Pleasant St @ Baldwin Rd
6:34a 7:35a
Humphrey St @ Lafayette St
6:34a 7:35a
Humphrey St @ Laurel St
6:35a 7:36a
Humphrey St @ Birch St
6:36a 7:36a
Humphrey St opp Sevinor Rd
6:36a 7:36a
Humphrey St opp Glendale Rd
6:36a 7:37a
Humphrey St @ Charlotte Rd
6:37a 7:38a
Humphrey St @ Palmer Rd
6:37a 7:38a
Humphrey St @ Clifton Ave
6:37a 7:38a
Humphrey St @ Tufts St
6:37a 7:38a
Humphrey St @ Ruby Ave
6:38a 7:39a
Humphrey St @ West St
6:38a 7:39a
Humphrey St @ Winthrop Ave
6:39a 7:39a
Humphrey St @ Crossman Ave
6:39a 7:40a
Humphrey St @ Stanley Rd
6:39a 7:40a
Salem St @ Humphrey St
6:40a 7:41a
Salem St @ Aycliffe Rd
6:42a 7:42a
Salem St @ Stanley Rd
6:43a 7:44a
Salem St @ Tedesco Golf Course
6:45a 7:45a
Opp 212 Salem St
6:46a 7:46a
Salem St @ Sunbeam Ln
6:48a 7:47a
1000 Paradise Rd
6:50a 7:49a
500 Paradise Rd
6:50a 7:50a
Paradise Rd @ Swampscott Mall
6:50a 7:50a
Opp 383 Paradise Rd
6:51a 7:50a
Paradise Rd @ Lou Rudolph Way
6:51a 7:50a
Paradise Rd @ Longwood Dr
6:51a 7:51a
306 Paradise Rd opp Walker Rd
6:52a 7:52a
Paradise Rd @ Franklin Ave
6:52a 7:52a
Paradise Rd @ Norfolk Ave
6:52a 7:53a
Paradise Rd @ Ellis Rd
6:53a 7:53a
Paradise Rd opp Andrew Rd
6:53a 7:53a
Paradise Rd @ Berkshire St
6:53a 7:54a
Paradise Rd @ Burrill St
6:53a 7:54a
New Ocean St opp Rock Ave
6:54a 7:55a
New Ocean St @ Oneida St
6:54a 7:55a
Lewis St. @ Wardwell Ave.
6:55a 7:56a
Lewis St @ Autumn St
6:56a 7:57a
Lewis St @ Lafayette Park
6:56a 7:58a
Lewis St @ Chestnut St
6:57a 7:58a
Broad St @ Green St
6:57a 7:59a
Broad St opp Nahant St
6:58a 7:59a
Broad St @ Silsbee St
6:58a 8:00a
7:21a 8:24a
Terminal C - Departures Level
7:32a 8:40a
Seaport Blvd @ Seaport Hotel
7:44a 8:52a
Congress St @ A St
7:46a 8:54a
Congress St @ Sleeper St
7:46a 8:54a
Summer St @ Dorchester Ave
7:47a 8:55a
Franklin St @ Devonshire St
7:52a 9:00a
Otis St @ Summer St
7:53a 9:01a
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