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Inbound: Kenmore

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Chestnut Hill Ave @ Veronica Smith Ctr
6:45a 7:45a 8:45a 9:45a 10:45a 11:45a
Washington St opp Waldo Terr
6:46a 7:46a 8:46a 9:46a 10:46a 11:46a
Washington St @ Shepard St
6:46a 7:46a 8:46a 9:47a 10:47a 11:47a
Washington St @ Snow St
6:46a 7:46a 8:47a 9:47a 10:47a 11:47a
Washington St @ Monastery Rd
6:47a 7:47a 8:47a 9:48a 10:48a 11:48a
Washington St @ Euston St
6:47a 7:47a 8:48a 9:48a 10:48a 11:48a
Washington St @ Commonwealth Ave
6:47a 7:47a 8:48a 9:49a 10:49a 11:49a
Washington St @ Corey Rd
6:48a 7:48a 8:49a 9:49a 10:49a 11:49a
Wahington St @ Evans Rd
6:49a 7:49a 8:49a 9:50a 10:50a 11:50a
Washington St @ Beacon St
6:49a 7:49a 8:50a 9:51a 10:51a 11:51a
Washington St @ Winthrop Path
6:50a 7:50a 8:51a 9:52a 10:52a 11:52a
Washington St @ Gardner Rd
6:50a 7:50a 8:51a 9:53a 10:52a 11:53a
Washington St @ Gardner Path
6:51a 7:51a 8:52a 9:54a 10:53a 11:54a
Washington St @ Greenough Circle
6:52a 7:52a 8:53a 9:54a 10:54a 11:54a
Washington St @ Cypress St
6:52a 7:52a 8:53a 9:55a 10:54a 11:55a
Washington St @ Harvard St
6:53a 7:53a 8:54a 9:56a 10:55a 11:56a
Washington St @ Walnut
6:54a 7:54a 8:55a 9:57a 10:56a 11:57a
678 Brookline Ave opp Pearl St
6:55a 7:55a 8:56a 9:58a 10:57a 11:58a
Brookline Ave opp Aspinwall Ave
6:56a 7:56a 8:57a 9:58a 10:58a 11:59a
Brookline Ave @ Francis St
6:57a 7:57a 8:59a 9:59a 11:00a 12:01p
Brookline Ave @ Deaconess Rd
6:57a 7:57a 8:59a 10:00a 11:00a 12:01p
Brookline Ave @ Longwood Ave
6:58a 7:58a 9:00a 10:00a 11:01a 12:02p
Brookline Ave opp Short St
6:59a 7:59a 9:00a 10:01a 11:01a 12:02p
Brookline Ave @ The Fenway
6:59a 7:59a 9:01a 10:01a 11:02a 12:03p
Brookline Ave @ Boylston St
7:00a 8:00a 9:01a 10:02a 11:02a 12:03p
132 Brookline Ave opp Fullerton St
7:00a 8:00a 9:02a 10:02a 11:03a 12:04p
Brookline Ave @ Yawkey Way
7:01a 8:01a 9:02a 10:03a 11:03a 12:04p
Brookline Ave @ Newbury St
7:02a 8:02a 9:03a 10:04a 11:04a 12:05p
Kenmore Station Busway
7:03a 8:03a 9:04a 10:05a 11:05a 12:06p
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